Keeping an eye on TSM volumes

I wrote a quick script which tells me when volumes in TSM (Tivoli Storage Manager) have access and/or media issues and shoots me off an email. The script does two things:

1) Checks for volumes which are NOT in the states READWRITE or OFFSITE.
2) Checks for volumes which have a read/write error count >0.

I’m sure that most people running TSM in their environment have some sort of daily reporting that gets sent out. If that’s the case, you can simply extract the SQL from the script and use it in your own reporting tools.
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Calculate total usage in AIX volume group

When looking at the output of the “lsvg” command in AIX, you’ll see a whole bunch of information regarding the volume group. The PP size, how many PPs are in the volume group, stale PVs, quorum, so on and so on. What I’m normally looking for when running the “lsvg” command is:

1. How much storage (PPs) do I have free.
2.How much storage (PPs) is in use.
3.How much storage (PPs) is actually being used.

I can get the first two questions answered looking at the output of “lsvg”, but the last one I cannot.
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Maintain wtmp on AIX

/var/adm/wtmp on AIX maintains a list of past user sessions and information about the restart/shutdown of that particular system. While this file is normally very small in terms of file size, on an active box, this can grow if not properly maintained. You can use the “last” command to read wtmp, or export it to a text file for further processing with “fwtmp”. While you can simply redirect nothing into wtmp to empty it out “>/var/adm/wtmp”, it’s always a good idea to keep this file (or at least a backup) for security/auditing reasons.
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TSM: Lost Tapes

We had an issue not long ago were Tivoli Storage Manager was losing track of tapes. The issue ended up being how TSM manages database snapshots which are sent offsite using DRM (Bug in TSM which has been around for a while according to a colleague of mine).

I needed to find out quickly which tapes TSM had no knowledge of, and had essentially become scratch. I wrote the following script to do just that for me. You’ll need to tailor it to your environment, as our tapes are bar-coded COL000L4 through to COL120L4.
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