Manually fixing dirty JFS2 filesystems

I think at some point during a systems administrators life span, they see the below error message when trying to mount a filesystem.

# mount /test
Replaying log for /dev/fslv01.
mount: /dev/fslv01 on /test: Unformatted or incompatible media
The superblock on /dev/fslv01 is dirty.  Run a full fsck to fix.

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Upgrading your AIX environment using multibos

If you haven’t clued on by now, AIX is my operating system of choice. I’m sure there are many arguments for and against, but looking at it from a systems administrator view point, it’s second to none. Anyway, that’s a story for another time. What I’m writing about today is patching your AIX installations using multibos. Now before I get started, I’ll stress two points:

1) Chris Gibson has already written two great (and far more in depth) articles on multibos, which I recommend reading before going any further (Links: here and here).
2) This blog of mine serves two purposes; To share some of the things I come about during my sysadmin activities and secondly also a dumping ground for documents I write for myself. This post is the latter, as multibos isn’t something that I use daily (maybe a few times a year), and really, who’s going to remember all those syntax switches 😛

Now, assuming you’ve read both articles, I don’t need to go into the benefits of multibos and I’ll dive straight into the how. I’ll be working on upgrading an AIX instance running 6100-05-01-1016 to the latest ML which at the time of writing is 6100-06-04-1112
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