Patching CVE-2014-6271 and CVE-2014-7169 on AIX via NIM (bash bug aka shellshock)

Update: Patch links from both IBM [4] and Perzl [5] at the bottom of this post.

Below I detail how I patched over 800 AIX LPAR’s that were exposed by CVE-2014-6271 [1] and CVE-2014-7169 [2], also known as shellshock, using the NIM server.

From everything that I’ve been reading on IBM’s Knowledge Centre, creating an LPP source containing only RPM’s isn’t possible. To patch my AIX environment, I decided to use the “script” resource available to the NIM master, along with the pre-existing NFS mounts that I had configured.
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Maintain wtmp on AIX

/var/adm/wtmp on AIX maintains a list of past user sessions and information about the restart/shutdown of that particular system. While this file is normally very small in terms of file size, on an active box, this can grow if not properly maintained. You can use the “last” command to read wtmp, or export it to a text file for further processing with “fwtmp”. While you can simply redirect nothing into wtmp to empty it out “>/var/adm/wtmp”, it’s always a good idea to keep this file (or at least a backup) for security/auditing reasons.
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Split and Reassemble files

I wrote this a few years back for It was around 2004 from memory, and majority of the mail servers in Internet land only allowed for 2MB file attachments. This has now change, but I thought I’d post the article anyway.

There always comes a time, where you wish that file was only a few kilobytes/megabytes smaller. Whether it be so it can fit onto your floppy disk, CD-R etc, or so you can meet the attachment limit on an e-mail server. This isn’t really a command that you would use everyday, but it might come in handy.
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Sending files to multiple Windows hosts

A few months ago at work, I needed to send a number of files to a little over 100 Windows workstations. I had administrator rights on all these workstations, and luckily for me, they all had the same administrator password.

I had access to a Red Hat AS4 server, so I wrote a shell script to read all the hostnames of the workstations from a text file, mount each C$ share via CIFS, copy the necessary files, unmount and repeat.
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Unrar TV show packs

We all download TV shows, there is no use denying it. I recently got pointed in the directory of a rather funny show called The Big Bang Theory. I grabbed the first episode of season 1, saw what I liked, then grabbed the entire season 1 pack.

17 episodes, each in their own folder in .rar files.
What a pain in the ass!
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